fn -series products
FlowNet® Version 2.22

Fluid flow and network hydraulic analysis workhorse of EDSTech's fn  series of network fluid flow hydraulic analysis programs. User can drag and drop flow elements on flow segments as well as edit pipe and bulk flow properties. User can also build custom pipe and fluid bulk properties and store them in the FlowNet libraries.

fn -Smartwater Version 2.4

fn -Smartwater is a computer-aided engineering software for water distribution network hydraulic simulation analyzing pressures and flows. Both Darcy's equation with Moody's friction factor and the Hazen-Williams formula are available in fn -Smartwater.In addition, fn -Smartwater also automatically provides physical properties of water.

fn -Non-Newtonian Version 2.16
Analyzing slurry or suspension flows for in-plant pipework or pipelines can be made available with this Non-Newtonian fluid flow network hydraulic computer program using Bingham Plastic, Power Law, or Yield-Power Law models. The pipe pressure drop due to friction and the flow rates at any pipe point can be predicted for either laminar or turbulent flow.
fn -PRO Version 4.252
fn -PRO is FlowNet with a thermodynamic package. This will allow it to calculate the temperature and enthalpy for each pressure node. In addition, fn -PRO automatically handles the compressible flow with the use of the net expansion factor, ratio of heat capacities and the compressibility factor from thermodynamics. fn -PRO can handle both defined chemical components and petroleum fractions. Stream's chemical composition and properties are available on screen and in reports. A pressure profile plot also are available.
fn -manifold Version 2.11

Both the frictional pressure drop and the momentum change are incorporated in this computer software to handle the flow and pressure distributions exclusively for the manifold flow. Three modules are included in this package: "U" manifold, "Z" manifold, and the dividing flow "Blowing" manifold. fn -manifold would be an ideal tool to analyze your design of metering stations, air or fuel distribution systems, perforated pipes or spargers, or the feed distributor in contactors, reactors or distillation columns.




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