In-plant Piping Hydraulics for Windows™

Increase your work speed and lower your backlog with FlowNet software in your PC.

FlowNet is an Microsoft Windows-based computer-aided engineering (CAE) program for fluid flow calculations. Using Graphic Object Editing technique, it automatically configures a simulation flow diagram and sorts out nodes or loop relationship while a user is drawing the diagram with a computer mouse. Flow elements and equipment items can be loaded to a flow segment by dragging from a carrousel and dropping to any flow segment without number limitations. Click any line or flow element to query information. Numerous dialog boxes let user enter/edit inputs and return simulation results.
Features such as open/closed valves, and network solution capability make FlowNet versatile. Typical application areas include plant piping systems, water or gas distribution systems, natural gas compressor stations, relief header systems, etc.

FlowNet handles incompressible Newtonian single phase or vapor-liquid two-phase flows. Program offers easy way to break, add, move or delete pipes. Thus, using segmental approach, compressible flow problems can be easily modeled with FlowNet within practical accuracy. Program generates tables for lines, pressure summary by equipment type, equipment counts on each flow segment, and equipment process data sheet. Both English and metric units are available.


  • Intuitive GUI such as Pull-down menu and Dialog Boxes to input and return results.
  • Automatically configuring simulation flow diagram while you are drawing it on screen.
  • Attachment of flow elements or equipment items directly onto pipes.
  • No node or line number limitations.
  • Routinely handling network or loop problem without your defining nodes or loops.
  • Options of valves opening or closing; lines/equipment on-line or off-line.
  • Easy "what-if" scenario tests to study proposed system change.



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