Selected FlowNet Applications

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Water Distribution System

A water distribution system containing approximately 700 pipes in this example. There is no limit on number of pipes or nodes.

[thumbnail of Water Distribution System]

Sprinkler System

What is minimum loop pipe size to deliver even sprinkler water flows?

[thumbnail of sprinkler system]

Fired Heater

The fired heater is hydraulically limited. Will increasing the tube pass from 2 to 4 in the convection section solve the problem?

[thumbnail of Fired Heater]

In-plant Piping System

What are the required pump size and the NPSH to send flow from a column (source) to a fractionator (sink)?

[thumbnail of In_plant Piping System]

Recirculation System

De-ionized water flows from tank to points of use while a portion of it re-circulates to avoid stagnation. What is the optimal header line size to meet target DI water supply requirement?

[thumbnail of Recirculation system]

Relief and Blowdown

Simultaneous reliefs from two separate locations in one service. Multiple relief valves feeding to a common relief header from each relief location. Two relief headers feed to a knock-out drum. Relief vapors go to a flare. Do existing sizes of relief valves satisfy the new relief load?


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